Body Centred Work

After 7 years of studying and training Jennifer is ready to fully incorporate these practices into her work.  

Jennifer delved into learning about the mind-body connection because of her own journey with chronic pain. Jennifer’s journey started with disabling back pain that landed her in surgery. The residual manifestations of pain seemed to clearly link with times of stress or overwhelm. Once she made this connected she started meeting and working with an attuned massage therapist who guided her into her body. Helping Jennifer to sense what the body was trying to communicate to her. Jennifer learned so much from this gifted clinician and felt compelled to take her career in a new direction. This led to specific training in:

  • Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy where the body is the gateway to healing

  • Bessel Van der Kolk's principles of how the body can be used to process and heal trauma.

  • Life Force Yoga with Amy Weintraub a specific practise of yoga for treating mental health disorders

  • Jin Shin Do & Accupressure - Methods to help you make a mind body connection and to potentially help your body release emotions that are stored.

  • Reiki - Reiki Master 

  • Energy Medicine trainings from Donna EdenDr. Anne Marie ChiassonCyndi DaleJoe Dispenza, Jeffrey Allen and Carol Tuttle.

  • Energy Psychology - TappingTWR

  • Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga - training with the Alanna Kaivalya in the Kaivalya Vinyasa Method, Maureen Rae in Hatha

  • Kids Trauma Sensitive Yoga - training with

  • Access Bars Certified

  • Healing Touch - Level 3

  • Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman, Alberto Villoldo and the Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

  • Jennifer is also currently undergoing Cranial Sacral Therapy Training.

What to Expect

Jennifer uses these modalities within her psychotherapy sessions if you are interested in combining these kind of interventions and it is appropriate based on the issues you are working though.

Any hands on session would be with the full permission of the client.

None of these modalities are a substitute for allopathic medical care from your physician. They are not diagnostic. In no way is Jennifer Brighton acting in the role of a physician. These practices are complimentary, prevention tools and often a means to help you relax and cope better. There is much research into Quantum. Physics that supports the use of these practices for these purposes.