Conscious Uncoupling

Jennifer was trained in traditional mediation skills for Conflict Management and Family Relations assistance with University of Waterloo/Conrad Grebel.  Over the years in practise she found the mediation process did now allow for a healing experience and in fact while less adversarial then the legal route it remained that couples were emotionally raw and lost. As an ardent believer in long term marriage, but also the subject of divorce, Jennifer recognized that there had to be a healing way for people to uncouple.  

Jennifer has combined her practical knowledge of separating with her couple and marriage therapy work, along with the groundbreaking work of Kathryn Woodward Thomas who coined the idea of Conscious Uncoupling.  In this process, Jennifer assists couples in finding their way through the painful ending of their relationship, while bolstering their ability to make healthy, loving decisions for themselves and for their children.   This is a process based on integrity, good will and ultimately the fact that a couple joined in the spirit of love and despite recognizing the relationship is over it can end in the spirit of love.

Jennifer assists in a cooperative brain-storming process where the couple is assisted in coming to a solution that meets everyones needs as well as helps them to grieve the end of their relationship in a healthy and productive manner. Jennifer neutralizes communication, contains the situation and directs the healing process.

As part of this process, Jennifer can help couples work through designing a fair and equitable parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. 

Uncoupling consciously is a healing process, it not an adversarial process and thus is considerably less expensive and overall better for the well-being and health of the separating couple as well as their children.  Research shows that children can fair very well through a separation and divorce process if their parents can keep conflict at a minimum.