As soon as you book a session through my online system

you will be sent a number of intake forms to fill out online.

As soon as you complete these they will be automatically sent to me for review.

Please complete these 2 days prior to your first session.

Intake Forms Include

  1. Client Demographic Form

  2. Counselling Consent Form

  3. Assessment Questionnaire (fill only relevant sections)

  4. Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information

    (Please complete for your family physician, psychiatrist, any mental health practitioners you have worked with previously and for any relevant hospital records)

  5. Video Permission (only if requested)

  6. Eating Disorder Questionnaire (only if relevant)

  7. Client Consent for Healing Touch Session (only if relevant)

  8. Client Consent for Sound Healing Session (only if relevant)

  9. Client Consent for Shaman Journey Session (only if relevant)

  10. Client Consent for Overall Energy Medicine Healing Session (only if relevant)