Life Coaching


Jennifer is a highly motivational coach - while she challenges you to reach past your own self limitations, she also helps you to look at your current modes of functioning and critically analyze whether they are helping or hindering you. 

Jennifer uses Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to develop your skill sets.  Jennifer has completed her Post-Graduate training with the College of Executive Coachng and the Coaching Federation. 

If you are seeking Life Coaching, Jennifer will help you to set out goals, determine the appropriate action steps and motivate you to move forward. Coaching is different from therapy, there is no treatment taking place and no review of historical issues. Instead, the focus is on the here and now and it is a creative process of helping you to determine your desired life direction while enabling a high level of accountability.   This process can involve reviewing obstacles to goal achievement as  at times you just feel stuck and as though you are not deriving the life satisfaction that you wish to achieve.   You will be assisted in creating strategic plans to move beyond these obstacles and with some minor shifts in organization, planning and focus you can turn things around and begin to feel your life is heading in a positive direction. Jennifer takes you to the next level. Using highly reliable assessment tools as well as Appreciative Inquiry, she helps individuals optimize their functioning. Jennifer specializes in the use of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to facilitate individuals to determine and attain their goals.