Fees & Payments


This is a private service and therefore not covered under OHIP.  

You may receive full or partial reimbursement through extended health benefits where coverage exists. 

It is strongly recommended that you contact your provider to determine your coverage. 

We have several individuals, from varying professions, that work with us therefore we do not post one set fee. When you set up an appointment with our online booking system it will tell you the fee for service.


Appointments are typically booked within a two week period.  

Two business days notice is expected for cancellations, otherwise, your will be billed in full for missed sessions.

Please see the cancellation policy for more detail.


 Payment are expected before or at the appointment.

Methods accepted are:

 1) Credit Card

2) Cash

3) Cheque

 2) ETransfer prior to the session - please send payment to jb@jenniferbrighton.com

 3) Paypal prior to the session via the Friends and Family tool