This page is intended for clients of Jennifer Brighton, MSW, RSW, Ph.D. (c)  

Please note the resources below are tools that are intended as a compliment to the work you are doing with Jennifer; they are not self-explanatory self help tools and are not meant to replace the advice received from your physician.  It is strongly recommended that you see your physican if you feel you are suffering with a mental illness.


We are in the process of updating our handouts

Jennifer is in process of creating a book of all her favourite treatment resources and handouts, along with daily motivation to help you conquer your mental health challenges

Anxiety Scale


Assertiveness Technique


Coping Strategies


Food Intake Journal


Ingrediants of an Interaction


Relaxation Response


Restructuring Unhelpful Self-Talk


Symptom Grid


Thought Stopping


Questions for Couples to Ask One Another


Self Esteem Pie Chart


Scaling Outline